On Completing Professional Certificate of Health & Wellness Coaching:

"We’ll done. You’ll do the industry proud! Congratulations"

Fiona Cosgrove, CEO, Wellness Coaching Australia

"Thank you Ruth.  Your generosity, time and knowledge helped me immensely with seeing the relationship I have with food and also my lack of commitment to goals.  Vision board, goal setting and weekly sessions with you enabled me to be accountable and gave me the drive to strive and achieve.  Your troubleshooting came so naturally that it made my issues so easily resolved and retrained my way of thinking when I put up roadblocks.  Over four weeks I was able to reach my first weight loss goal.  I am still committed to my exercise routine four months later and two of the goals on my vision board have been achieved.  Thank you again for asking the right questions and making my journey one that is on the road to success." 

SD, Grays Point

"I was looking for lifestyle change so I engaged Ruth Morgan as 'coach'.  I was able to achieve my weight loss goal with ease after gaining deep insights, developing new behaviours and overcoming obstacles.  I have lost eleven kilograms in two months and I continue to be motivated and committed to losing more.  I recommend Ruth as a coach due to her holistic approach to lifestyle changes that are long lasting."

EM, Blacktown