Let's Co-Create Your Health & Wellness ... 


Here's The Lifenesse Policy ...

I personally conduct your sessions with high professional and ethical standards using evidence-based coaching methods and techniques.  

Your privacy is important so your information is confidential.  I believe in creating an amicable, co-creative, honest, transparent, trusting and respectful conversation with you.


I don't discriminate against your age, gender, ethnicity, culture, sex or disability. 


If you're not happy with something, issues are resolved in a positive and constructive way.

In some circumstances (if you suffer from poor health or emotional/mental instability) it may be inappropriate to continue coaching though this will be assessed case by case if it occurs.

​This Is How Our Sessions Roll ...

Sessions are by zoom or phone. Your Lifenesse' Priority 1. Health & Wellness Questionnaire will be provided for you to complete and send via email to your initial coaching Session.

Lifenesse programs are listed below and there's a 24 hour cancellation policy with rescheduling preferred.

Sessions may run slightly over time.  Lifenesse Introduction Call - 30 mins; 'Let's Talk Thrive' Initial Consultation 90-120 mins; Other Program Sessions - 45 mins. 

Pre-session preparation sheets and small achievable sometimes session tasks are required.  Inbetween session access tfor your queries, issues or concerns is via email.


Attributes That Bring You Results ...

As a Lifenesse client you are committed to your own progress and development by being 'coachable'.  By doing so you will display integrity to your own personal development and growth as well as the quality life you want to create.

Being punctual will maximize your session delivery.    


Open, honest, trusting, clear, transparent and positive communication will enable an amicable professional relationship and enhance your coaching results.

It's Time For Us To Meet ...

Experience Coaching First Hand At Your 'Lifenesse Introduction Call '  ...

  • explore & discuss your Lifenesse wellness check results;

  • assess your health & wellness further;

  • discuss an important area for change or improvement;

  • meet & receive your first coaching experience;

  • discuss your hesitations or concerns;

  • troubleshoot barriers or obstacles;

  • have your questions answered;

  • consider your health & wellness options;

  • plan your next steps towards new health, wellness and more quality in life!

Low Cost 1:1 x 30 minute session.

Complimentary 'Lifenesse Priority 1. Health & Wellness Check Provided!


Lifenesse 'Let's Talk Thrive'  - Your Initial Coaching Conversation ...

Take your first bold step and seriously think out loud about your health & wellness desires when you book 'Let's Talk Thrive'.  In this initial coaching session you'll gain the ground you need to move towards your most ready to do now no. 1 health and wellness priority. 

Your session follows a structured format using evidence based health & wellness coaching methods and takes 90-120 minutes to complete.  The Lifenesse Priority 1. Health & Wellness Check is provided, completed & submitted prior to your consultation.

Lifenesse 'Get Ready To Thrive' Program ...


Your 'Get Ready To Thrive' program consists of your 'Let's Talk Thrive' (above) plus x6 weekly coaching sessions at a discount price.  It is essential with your new health and wellness endeavour to fully prepare yourself so you will be more likely to achieve results.  You'll receive facilitation and support during the 'thinking', planning and self-discovery work that underpins successful behaviour change.  


Individual sessions are structured so you can discover and understand the key Lifenesse coaching foundational mastery elements as they relate to your health and wellness. This provides you with more self-understanding, motivation and resilience so you can authentically and confidently proceed to achievable action.  


Lifenesse 'Step Out & Thrive' Program ...

Your 'Step Out & Thrive' is your 'action now' program.  x5 weekly action/behaviour change sessions are added to your 'Let's Talk Thrive' & 'Get Ready To Thrive' program at a special discount price t

This series of sessions confidently steps you into new health and wellness behaviours.  It provides your thorough Lifenesses mastery approach to prepare you with key foundational elements and provides you with achievable action planning and accountability skills. 

By receiving support, motivation and facilitation during your 'action' stage, you are more likely to achieve your no. 1 priority and desired health & wellness results.  Any setbacks are supported and constructively brainstormed to create new outside the box possibilities & solutions.  

Lifenesse 'Master Your Thrive' Program ...


'Master Your Thrive' program consists of all of the above ('Let's Talk Thrive', 'Get Ready To Thrive' and 'Step Out & Thrive' programs  plus an additional x4 sessions over16 weeks (x15 sessions in total) at a special discount price.


'Master Your Thrive' delivers everything you need to know and do to create successful health and wellness behaviours.  It includes preparation, action and a further four sessions of support, trouble shooting and facilitation to maintain your health and wellness that assists implementing your sustained behaviour change. 


Yes!  It is possible!  The maintenance component of this program assists you to learn self-motivation skills and to appreciate how role modelling health behaviours and successful health behaviour change can motivate, inspire and empower others.  You are also encouraged to prepare for and step into your next priority health and wellness behaviours so you can achieve those as well!