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Achieve Your No. 1 Health & Wellness Priority!'

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Just Imagine If Every Day You Could ... Wake Up Feeling Energized ... Look & Perform Your Best ...

Handle Your Day Easily ... Connect Positively With Others ...

Nourish Your Body With Rest, Nutrients & Activity ... Enjoy Your Downtime ...

And When The Time Comes For You To Retire ... You Have A Version Of Life That You Enjoy!

Yes It's Possible!  

You Can Achieve Peak Work Performance AND Create A Life That Brings You Joy Without Excessive Demands On Your Time Or Budget!

Lifenesse helps you to improve any area of your health and wellness that's important to you.

Sessions are customized so you can choose one of the 8 sectors of wellness and/or a specific area of health that concerns you.

With more knowledge & self-awareness, by prioritizing what's most important and by achieving new impactful sustainable behaviours 

you will feel more inspiration, motivation and zest for living so you can live to thrive!

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Creating your desired life means taking small amounts of time now and investing it into your future. 

Customized coaching puts you in the drivers seat so you can achieve your most important health & wellness priorities.

Here's Some Of The Outcomes You Can Receive When You Improve Your Health & Wellness ... 


Tell  Me ...

How Would You Like Your Life To Be? .

 What's Your No. 1 Priority?

What Have You Tried In The Past?

What's The Very Step You'd Like To Take?

  • Focus & Become Mindful

  • Finish Tasks & Meet Deadlines More Easily

  • Create Satisfying Work & Family Relationships

  • Be Present & Fully Engage in Life's Activities

  • Clearly Structure Work - Life - Rest Boundaries

  • Nourish Your Body In The Way It Needs

  • Look & Feel Your Best

  • Manage Time Effectively

  • Efficiently Organize Your Space

  • Experience Less Stress, Irritability & Tension

  • Shift Negative Thinking To Positive

  • Limit Unplanned Sick Leave

  • Reduce Your Risk Of Work Related Illness

       Injury, Pain, Stress, Lethargy, Tension

  • Optimally Manage Unwanted Physical Symptoms

       Headache, Weight Gain, Existing Condition

  • Manage Your Lifestyle To Minimize Hereditary or Chronic Disease

       Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke,

       Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity​​

  •  Get To Know & Understand Yourself

  •  Discover Purpose & Meaning In Life

  •  Pro-actively Plan The Best Your Life Can Offer!

Thanks For Stopping By ... 

I'm a triple certificated registered nurse (General/ICU/Diabetes) & qualified health & wellness coach now on the other side of motherhood, with an interest in renovating/decorating, essential oil/soy candle-making and contemporary singing (yes, I hope to professionally record one day).

My highest purpose in life is to co-create with career-driven professionals their best version quality life, breaking away from unhealthy work and lifestyle behaviours that cause stress, injury, illness & disease, empowered by health and wellness.

Over the last 40+ years, I've nursed, comforted and healed many business people who have sadly neglected to take care of their health.  So many unwanted tragic and critical sufferings.  And in the last 13+ years I have also supported, motivated and coached many people across a wide variety of symptoms and chronic health conditions to assist their improved state of health and wellness. 

My innermost desire is to transition from the 'fixing and healing' to focus on 'empowering' career-driven people globally to take charge of their lives, master new and lasting behaviours and nip preventable health and wellness problems in the bud - without severely impacting your time, work or personal agenda.  


As your coach, I bring to your table a world of both professional and personal experience in:

  • health & wellness;

  • behaviour change;

  • positive & coaching psychology;

  • symptom / chronic disease prevention and management;

  • specialized knowledge about nursing, education and pharmacology;

  • a wide range of methods, techniques and skills I've gained from professional courses & credible resources;

so I can expertly facilitate, motivate and support you to achieve results.  Remember, I know the journey you don't want to travel and can assist you to confidently step forward along your desired path.


So, if you want to live, thrive and enjoy more quality in life and reduce your risk of unwanted preventable health and work-life burdens, you're in the right place ... because when you live to thrive ... I live to thrive ... 

Here Are My Inner Core Values

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My Strengths Deliver Your Best Coaching Experience Hands Down!

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