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What Is Chronic Disease?

"Chronic diseases are long lasting conditions with persistent effects.

Their social and economic consequences can impact on peoples’ quality of life.

Chronic conditions are becoming increasingly common and are a priority for action!"

Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare

Are You A Business Person Who Has Chronic Disease Risk Factors, Symptoms Or A Diagnosis?

In 2020 - 2021, approximately one in two Australians have a diagnosis of chronic disease such as

Insulin Resistance/Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease and/or Osteoporosis

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(Insulin Resistance/Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease Or Osteoporosis)

Are You Pro-Actively Creating Your Best Quality Life Now & In The Future?

Creating Maximum Quality In Your Life Is Possible

Even When You Have Risk Factors, Symptoms Or A Diagnosis Of Chronic Disease!


Consider ...Would You Like Your Life Like This?

Every Day You Get The Most Out Of Life ...

You Wake Up Feeling Rested & Energized ... 

You Have Your Day Handled ... Stay Calm & Focused ... Meet Deadlines Easily ...

You Connect Positively With Others ... Confidently Perform Your Best ...

Make Your Healthiest Food Choices ... Stay Well Hydrated ...  Achieve The Right Type & Amount Of Exercise ... 

You Enjoy Leisure Time & Social Outings ... Make Time For Your Family & Friends ...

You Willingly Choose, Commit To  & Carry Out Achievable & Sustainable Health Generating Actions ... 

And At The End Of Each Day Feel Content With Your Life & All It Brings ...

As You Quietly Relax In Your Downtime You Feel Grateful ...

Before Drifting Off Into A Long Undisturbed Sound Night's Sleep!

And Which Of These Describes You Best?

I Don't Know How To Prevent Hereditary Chronic Conditions

I'm Don't Know How To Reduce My Risk Factors

My Symptoms Give Me No Relief

I Have A Diagnosis I Need To Manage Daily

I Can't Do What My Doctor Says 

I Don't Know Where I Want To Start

I Don't Know What Will Help Me Best

I Start To Change & Then I Stop

I Try To Change Things All At Once

Nothing I Do Is Working

I Get Impatient When I Can't See Results

I Can't See My Bigger Vision/Picture

I Set Myself Unachievable Targets

I Fear That I Could Mess Things Up

I'm Frightened I Could Make Things Worse

I Can't Get Around What's In My Way

I Can't Prioritize What's Most Important

I Can't Sustain Long Term Change

I Easily Lose Motivation & Interest.

I Don't Feel Supported & Struggle On My Own

Let's face it ... doing what you know you should and making sustainable changes to improve your health isn't easy! 

So I'm Here To Help ...

My name is Ruth and as your health, wellness & behaviour change coach,

I am willing, ready and able to help you achieve sustainable health generating behaviours leading to risk reduction, symptom minimization, pro-active disease management and improved wellbeing and health.

Your Lifenesse coaching program is customized so you will receive 1:1 individual coaching guidance, motivation and support to:


Do You Know That You Can ...

Reduce Your Risk Factors, Improve & Monitor Symptoms


Delay The Onset and/or Progression Of Chronic Disease?

With more self-knowledge & awareness, by prioritizing what's most important, 

by planning and achieving new impactful sustainable health generating behaviours

and by receiving the guidance, motivation and support that you need,

you'll feel inspired, motivated, confident and more in control of your life with a new zest for living!

Discover If You Are At Risk Of Chronic Disease -  Get Your Free Chronic Disease Risk Checklist - Click Here


Identify Symptoms That Move You Closer To Chronic Disease - Get Your Free Chronic Disease Symptom Checklist - Click Here

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Improving your quality of life is achieved  by pro-actively managing risk factors, symptoms and chronic disease progression!

When you make small amounts of time now and invest it into improving your life you'll gain new ground and

create more quality in your life both 'now' and for your 'future'.

Your Lifenesse customized coaching program puts you into the drivers seat so you can achieve your No. 1 priority(ies)

within the context of your risk factors, symptoms and chronic condition.


I'm Curious ... 

What Could You Prevent, Minimize Or Manage More Pro-Actively Right Now ?

What Would Add To Or Bring You

More Quality In Life?

What Have You Tried In The Past?

What's The Next Small Step That

Will Improve Your Life?

Here Are The Coaching Outcomes You'll Gain With Your Lifenesse Coaching Program: 

  • More Insight, Awareness & Understanding Of Your:

    • Beliefs, Values & Strengths;

    • Thought Processes;

    • Uniqueness;

    • Tendencies;

    • Reasons Why;  

  • Future Health & Wellbeing Vision Creation;

  • More Clarity & Focus;

  • Improved Mindfulness, Presence & Engagement;

  • The Ability & Permission To Prioritise You;

  • Realistic, Structured & Forward Lifestyle & Disease Management Planning;

  • Future Quality Of Life Direction & Design;

  • Clear Boundary Setting;

  • Overcoming Of Obstacles & Ambivalence;

  • Healthy Habit Tips & Tools;

  • Behaviour Change Methods & Distinctions;

  • Positive Thinking Strategies;

  • Motivation, Resilience, Accountability & Support;

  • A Pro-Active Evidence Based & Achievable Health & Wellness Coaching Path Towards Improved Chronic Disease Management & Quality Of Life.

Thanks For Stopping By ... 

I'm a triple certificated registered nurse (Diabetes Education & Management/General Intensive Care) & qualified health & wellness coach (Professional Certificate, Wellness Coaching Australia) now on the other side of motherhood, with an interest in renovating/interior decorating, essential oil/soy candle-making and contemporary singing (I take weekly lessons & hope to record one day soon).

My highest purpose in life is to co-create with busy working people just like you, your best version quality life, breaking away from unhealthy work and lifestyle behaviours that are known to escalate risk factors, aggravate symptoms and worsen the progression of chronic disease (insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart disease, osteoporosis, musculo-skeletal conditions).

Over the last 40+ years, I've nursed, comforted and healed many busy workers who have sadly neglected to take care of their health.  So many unwanted tragic and critical sufferings.  And in the last 13+ years I've also supported, motivated and coached many Australians across a wide variety of symptoms and chronic health conditions to assist their improved state of healh, wellbeing and quality of life.  

My innermost desire is to 'empower' busy working people to take charge of their lives, master new and lasting positive lifestyle behaviours and nip preventable health and wellness problems and disease escalations in the bud - with direct, achievable and evidence-based health, wellness and behaviour change coaching methodology.


As your coach, I bring to your table a world of professional and personal knowledge and experience in:

  • healthcare & wellbeing;

  • health behaviour change methodology;

  • positive & coaching psychology;

  • risk factor, symptom and/or chronic disease prevention and management;

  • nursing, education and pharmacology;

  • a wide range of methods, techniques and skills I've gained from relevant professional readings, credible courses & resources - check out my most recent professional readings on this website.

By applying all of the above, I can expertly facilitate, motivate and support you to achieve positive results.  I can assist you to confidently step forward along your desired chosen path to more health, wellbeing and quality in life.


So, if you want to pro-actively improve your life by reducing your risk, minimizing/controlling your symptoms and delaying chronic disease progression, you need look no further ... 

My Top 5 Inner Core Values

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As Your Coach ...






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My Top Five Strengths

Enhance Our

Coaching Relationship ...



Appreciation Of

Beauty & Excellence



My Strengths Assist Your Best Coaching Experience Hands Down!

Make Quality Life Your No. 1 Priority

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