For You:

Within the context of coaching, my honesty, authenticity and truth enables you to discover your truth.  By discovering your own deep and innermost values, dreams, desires and vision you are able to align your own future journey that will bring you more meaning, purpose, health and wellness.

For Myself:

Coaching is my true authentic purpose and aligned with my five deepest core values Truth, Expression, Empowerment, Wellness & Love.  These are the foundation of who I am, my uniqueness, what I believe in, how I interact with you and the way can contribute to you and your journey.


For You:

Discovery of your values, dreams, desires and vision while takig aligned actions will uncover, create and display your own self-expression.  This is consistent with what is unique about you so that you can ive your life with meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

You can now positively engage with your world and others positively making use of your own version of truth, authenticity and full self-expression.

For Myself:

Full self-expression applies the learned evidence based coaching skills, methodologies and talents bring to our conversation which enable deep insights, new revelations and excellence.

Being fully present, I listen with curiosity and inquire, guide, navigate, facilitate and empower you to discover your own true self-expression.  My uniqueness, personal qualities and strengths (honesty, love, appreciation of beauty & excellence, self-regulation, kindness), expertise and life experience enhance this process.


For You:

Empowerment allows you to discover and take deliberate steps towards your own dreams and vision.  You are able to freely follow your inner guidance and make choices in life that are consistent with your own values, beliefs, talents and abilities. 

Coaching conversations interactively empower you to choose, plan and engage in aligned actions and experiences so you can live your life with more balance and flow.   

For Myself:

Self-empowerment is 'key' for my own personal and professional life.  I generate my true self and coaching expertise with mindfulness, presence and full self-expression in every coaching conversation. 

I use the skill of self-empowerment to learn and grow personally and professionally through planned activities, networking with other coaches and by facilitating my own dreams, desires and visions that are completely aligned with my own truth, inner guidance, values, beliefs, talents and abilities.


For You:

Every coaching conversation encourages your holistic wellness.  This enables you to have more confidence, wellbeing and zest when you choose the positive and healthy lifestyle behaviours that serve you. 

40+ years of healthcare knowledge and expertise as well as evidence based health and wellness coaching skills and methodologies assist your wise, insightful, informed, relevant and effective choices and actions within the context of what health and wellness means to you.

For Myself:

Health and vitality are key enjoyable daily components that enlighten and maintain wellbeing in my life.   I eagerly and consciously choose daily activities and lifestyle behaviours that assist me to feel and be holistically well.

I use my own knowledge of health and wellness, life experience and inner guidance to empower aligned choices, goals and actions that fully express my own wellbeing.



For You:

Your coaching conversation manifests within the realm of love for humanity,  life and all that is possible for you.  You experience a positive, non-judgmental, amicable, honest, respectful and caring conversation that co-creates and empowers you to follow your own dreams, passions and desires. 

Love for humanity allows you to discover your truth, be empowered, choose and create new and positive ways of being.  You authentically and fully express yourself as you powerfully take actions to bring what is possible closer to you.  You step forward confidently with self-compassion as you live your life with more health, wellness and ‘in flow’.  Life has more purpose and meaning.

For Myself:

I believe that love is the basis for all human interaction and understanding.  My love for life, humanity and everything that is possible for others underpins my passion for coaching and the stand that I am for others.  Love, zest for life and compassion for others drives my coaching purpose.