Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Lifenesse Coaching?

Lifenesse coaching is a service that helps you to discover what is most important to you about health, wellness and life.  Once you know what is most important, you can select an area that you are confident and ready to improve now.  Your coaching session is directed towards you ... your wants, needs and desires.  By doing so, you will discover more about yourself so you can choose and design actions that will enhance new sustainable behaviours that will change your life.  A professional coaching service provides you with the best chance of positive results. 

Over the course of your Lifenesse Coaching Sessions you will receive:  


  • non-judgmental, deeply empathetic active and reflective listening skills;

  • strategic questioning methods that bring you deep insights;

  • gentle probing enquiry to increase your self-awareness;

  • self-reflection methods to enhance your learning and growth;

  • brainstorming and problem solving;

  • motivational interviewing techniques to help you reduce resistance;

  • self-assessment tools that provide you clarity and direction;

  • awareness of obstacles, barriers and negative thought processes;

  • creative planning and evidence based goal setting formulas;

  • evidence based health and wellness coaching models;

  • a variety of distinctions from reputable articles, books and resources;

  • an honest, friendly, confidential and safe coaching environment.

Who Does Lifenesse Coaching Service Help?

Lifenesse Coaching Service guides, facilitates and serves professional working people who want more health, wellness and balance in life.  For example, you may be someone with a pre-existing health condition, new or chronic symptoms that require management or an area of health, wellness or life that you would like to improve or change.  

How Can Lifenesse Coaching Help Me?

Lifenesse Coaching will provide you with ongoing guidance, facilitation and support to realise and make the changes you see as being necessary to improve your health, wellness and quality in life.

What Is The Process?

Firstly, you might complete the 'Live To Thrive' & 'Are You Ready For Wellness?' Checks then book your Lifenesse Introduction Call for a 30 minute experience of coaching to see if we are a good fit.  At this time you are given your Lifenesse Priority 1. Health & Wellness Check which is a very thorough and systematic look at all 8 sectors of your wellness in more detail.  This will help you to identify your top priority key areas that you want to improve.  Then, when you are ready you can make an appointment for your 'Let's Talk Thrive' initial coaching conversation via zoom or phone.  Reserve 90 - 120 minutes.  You may then choose to either proceed on your own or select from one of the Lifenesse programs.  Take a look at the Lifenesse Programs here.

What If I Don't Know What I Want Or Where To Start?

Don't worry about having it all worked out.  Upon completion of your 'Lifenesse Priority 1. Health & Wellness Check you'll be much clearer.  Also I am trained to help you to identify and select what is important to you as well as something that you can achieve.  By doing so, you'll  gain the clarity you need so you can confidently know what's right for you.

How Are Coaching Sessions Delivered?

Lifeness Coaching Sessions are delivered via Zoom (preferred) or over the phone.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices are discussed with you on a pre-arranged call once you have enquired and expressed an interest in proceeding.

Are Out Of Hours Coaching Sessions Available?

Lifenesse Coaching Service is designed for busy career driven professionals and consultations are available by negotiation outside of normal business hours by negotiation.

What If I Am Feeling Unwell Or Something Unforeseen Or Urgent Prevents Me From Attending My Booked Session?

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy and catch up sessions are made when 24 hours notice has been provided.  Catch up sessions are also sometimes (not always) offered for sessions missed when 24 hours notice has not been provided and depending on your circumstances.  

Will There Be A Lot Of Additional Work For Me To Do?

Pre-coaching preparation sheets are provided for you to complete prior to each session to help you focus and achieve results.  Sometimes there may be a small task to complete in between sessions but this is not time consuming or burdensome.

What Will Be Expected Of Me?

All that is expected of you is to show up on time, to be your real and authentic self and to engage in the process.  You are in the driver's seat and I will guide, navigate and facilitate your process according to what you choose.  Sessions are friendly, amicable, honest, respectful and supportive.

Who Will Be My Coach?

Presently all coaching sessions are conducted by Ruth Morgan who has 40+ years nursing experience, 13+ years patient support experience and holds the professional certificate in health and wellness coaching, Wellness Coaching Australia